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Learn What's working RIGHT NOW in the world of Restaurant | Bar | Brewery Operations & marketing...

...And leave with a proven plan for building and growing your business!

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From: Jonathan Munsell

Cary, North Carolina

Up until I started these events over 12 years ago, restaurateurs, bar owners and food service professionals looking to grow their business didn’t have a place to go to learn what is working and current right now in the world of marketing & advertising. 

The "OG" Original Super Summit Charlotte NC 2010

I started The Super Summit because I Wanted to solve this problem...

The problem that I saw was that if you were trying to learn the skills necessary to grow your business then you only really had 1 of 3 options...

Option 1:

Go It Alone!

You would have to try and navigate this social media landscape and see if you can figure out by yourself how to use things like Digital Marketing, Websites, Loyalty Rewards Programs, Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram) and all the other platforms to generate some business. (We won't even get into what POS in POS System stands for, lol)

You end up feeling frustrated, confused and no further forward than when you started.  At the end of the day we ar some what social food and drink people and the tech overwhelm can happen pretty quick.

So you move onto option 2...

Option 2:

You Outsource It

The next option is to outsource it. 

...And conveniently enough, people are always trying to sell to restaurants and bars an they just targeted you on telling you that their program is the one that will finally get you results.

So you go ahead and let them have a whack at it and they you find that you are waiting forever to see the results or for them to and start to implement. 

But a few weeks go by and you're not seeing any results. In fact, you are waiting to see something, anything...

So you decide to reach out to their support. No reply. 

You keep pressing on and finally they get an ad of some sort out there, they stear you away from every good ifea you have because they are experts and do it all the time. So against better judgement you let them and their team do the creative since "They do it all the time". In the meantime you sign up for another advertising gimic in the hopes that one of these things will turn out to be the holy grail you've been so desperately searching for. 

However, the more things you agree to the more it feels like you're almost going backwards and moving further away from reaching your goals. 

Not to mention they hold the keys to your castle - your digital assets and you can't even get your menu changed and the old one is three menus out of date.

There must be something else you can try? 

Option 3:

Join An Online Program

The next option is to join an online training program. 

...And sure enough, someone just targeted you on Facebook telling you that their program is the one that will finally get you results.

So you pull out your credit card, go through all the training and start to implement. 

But a few weeks go by and you're not seeing any results. In fact, there was almost too much training and you're starting to feel a totally overwhelmed. 

You are putting in extra hours now trying to a learn what feels like a foreign language. You haven't spent any time with your spouse or kids and the pressure is on.

Again, but now with training, the more training you go through the more it feels like this stuff is hopeless and you definitely aren't moving forward and now you are tired and stressed out.

There must be something else you can try? 

...And that’s someone that has been in the business for a while.

And what about If you are just starting out?

If any part of that resonates with you then...

I would LOVE to invite you to join us for The

This event has already changed the lives and businesses of 1000’s of people and when you join us you will see why.


We don’t do fluff, we don’t do outdated and we certainly don't do boring! This isn't just a room full of 'rah rah' motivation, fluff and no actionable training!

This is hardcore nuts and bolts real life what is working right now, the proverbial easy button if you will.

The Restaurant Bar Brewery SUPER SUMMIT is THE event that will give you what you N.E.E.D.

Allow me to explain...

HERE are 4 reasons why you...








DIRECTION attend this event!

The first reason is...

 1 Connection can change your life!

You will be elbow-to-elbow with people just like YOU.

People who are striving for great things, excited to their experiences with the world. These are liked minded people with similar goals that tend to be open to listening and helping where ever they can.

You get to meet and speak with long time clients of mine, the navy seals of the business. Just one little idea from them or me could be worth $50 a day in revenue and a $50 a day at the end of the year is worth $18,250. (Trust me I have done this math before)

We make a fair amount of time for networking because we know the importance of it. 

The exciting thing about our event is we are a very open group that shares "Best Practices" the best of the best so we all get better. These folks are not your competition they are collueges and  it is great to have piers to run ideas buy. You can learn as much from us on "what not to do" so you don't make mistakes and only hit homeruns!

just one little idea From Me Or The Group could be worth $50 a day in revenue and a $50 a day at the end of the year is worth $18,250.

($50 x 365 days = $18,250)

 The Second reason is...

Learn what is working right now!

Unlike a lot of other events, we teach what is actually working right NOW in the world of operations, customer attraction and digital advertising. 

You're getting yours truly and my team for a full 2 days, teaching you exactly what is working for us right now for us and our massive amount of clients and followers. 

Every test, every experiment, every marketing campaign, every traffic source, every operations tweak, financial improvement and every customer acquisition strategy. We completely open up the playbook for hundreds if not thousands of our successful businesses we have helped!

But not only that, you get access to my network. Every year I fill the stage with speakers who are at the top of their game and experts in their own field. 

One rule that I have is that you should never teach something that you don’t know or use yourself. 

Bob Farrel and Jonathan Munsell after an event.

So If there is something that I don’t know, but I think you need to learn, I will find the expert in our industry in that area and bring them on stage to open up there own playbook. 

We’ve had some incredible speakers in the past and it’s only going to get better!

So if there is something that I don’t know but I think you need to learn then I will find the expert in our industry in THAT AREA and bring them on stage to open up their own playbook. 

We’ve had some incredible speakers in past and this year will be no exception!

The THIRD reason is...

We HATE Boring... We Hope You Do Too!

We work had to make our events experiential as well as educational because, let’s be honest, seminars do tend to be a little boring right? Not here!

Yes, we spare no expense on the set up with all the fancy-pants lights and staging etc but it’s more than that... 

We make sure that we have a ton of FUN at the event. We are constantly playing games, laughing, getting people moving and it’s all to help the learning experience and to help you build relationships with the people around you.

 The fourth reason is...

DIRECTION - You Will Leave With Clarity!

Have you ever gone through some training or attended a seminar and it’s got you super excited, fired up but then you seem to leave the hotel almost more confused than when you walked in?

 It’s then not long before the excitement wears off and you feel like you’re back to when you started?

That won't happen at our Super Summit. You will leave with clarity and direction. I’m not promising you that we have the answers to every question, however, one thing I can promise you is this...

You will leave with a notepad FULL of stuff that you can come home and immediately implement into your business.

First off we are going to review what it means to have operational Excellence in your business. Because without it all the marketing in the world is not going to help you, it is actually going to make you FAIL FASTER!

You see, what you learn at this Restaurant, Bar Brewery SUPER SUMMIT is going togive you the tools to fill your establishment on demand. BUT, yes, that is a huge BUT, if you do not have operations wired tight all your marketing efforts are going to do is expose more people to your operational inefficiencies.

So, the first thing we will do is run through our list of the successful attibutes of any restaurant or bar business.

Once we check those boxes, I am sure you will have some things to tighten up, but that is ok, no one is perfect, NO ONE!

But with the knowledge you gain in this section based off the Success Pillars you will be well equiped to quickly tune up operations so the real fun can begin... MARKETING!

Here's what you'll be learning about at The SUPER SUMMIT...

The PILLARS of Success

The Pillars are built on a foundations of SYSTEMS

Once you have Have your pillars and thay are clearly mounted on foundational systems then you Will really have something


First is the 'Operating Systems' section, the "Ins and Outs" of setting your business up for success at each and every stage of growth. You will learn how to maximize efficiency, dramatically grow your profitability and even eliminate “Dead Beat" employees FOREVER!

Also, Inside Secrets of the Fastest Growing Restaurants, Bars & Breweries in the World.

How to use operations to Maximize Your Revenue While Reducing Costs.

The Marketing Game Has Changed!

The world of marketing both offline and online has changed. Now, with the advent of social media and all the possibilities you have to know what you are doing and pick the right avenue for your establishment.

When it comes to online and social media marketing it moves SO quickly and every single year, the game changes again. If you're not 'in the know' with the latest and greatest then your business will absolutely get left behind in 2023!

Here's Some of what you'll be learning at The SUPER SUMMIT...


Marketing Fundamentals

You’ll get an in-depth look at the core marketing principles that are being used by the top business owners in the country to attract the best customers and be able to sell at higher prices than their competitors. In this section we cover everything from how to attract only the best quality customers and get them into your place, all the way to creating an amazing customer experience so they come back to your again and again.


Marketing Tool-Kit

Just like your staff need to have the right tools for the job, this marketing toolkit is filled with the exact marketing tools needed to pack your place full .

In this section we detail, in very easy to understand terms, exactly what, when, why, and how you’ll want to use any one, a few, or maybe even all of these tools. Here are just a few of the tools covered in great detail: Getting more reviews, how to get ranked at the top of Google and stay there, text message marketing, social media, Facebook, websites, SEO (search engine optimization), how to effectively use video, mobile marketing strategies, email and direct mail, YouTube, Birthday Marketing, Loyalty Programs and Rewards Programs and much more!


Marketing Kitchen

Finally, maybe the most amazing part of this entire program, the ‘Marketing Kitchen’! Just like at your place I am sure you are always mixing up something new. This is where we share with you the "experiments" that go great and the ones that you should absolutely stay away from.


Promotion Profits

Think of this as the instruction manual for each and every tool in your new toolbox. You see, the number one complaint I hear from owners is that all of this new marketing is ‘confusing and too hard to use’. As a bit of an old head myself, I get it!

That’s why I created this module so that I can take you by the hand, walk you step-by-step, and show you just how easy all of this really is to use. Really, when you see it, I guarantee you’ll be amazed how simple it all is.

Actually, I’ve heard from many of my clients that got early access to this module tell me that they just hand this module over to an office staff member and let them do everything for them!

We Are Going To Dive Deep Into Topics Like These:



You will learn how to take your passion, your products or simply your knowledge and turn it into something inspiring that draws you ideal customers right to you - Would that impact your business?


Email Marketing

One of the main things you need to learn to build and grow your business is automation. You NEED to learn how to build an automated marketing machine that works for you 24/7, a machine that is converting sales for you completely hands free. This is the ultimate goal and we’re going to show you how we do it!


Loyalty & Rewards

We are going to go over both types of program and show how when done right they provide you with the information to more deeply understand your customers, segment them by actions they take and craft more direct compelling messages to get them to come more often and to spend more based.


Facebook Advertising

We’re going to share with you exactly what is working RIGHT NOW in the fast moving world of Facebook Advertising. We have worged with hundreds of businesses and spend collectively over $100,000 per month on the FB platform and it's safe to say - We have learned a thing or 2 ;).


Video Advertising

For the past 12-24 months we have been aggressively testing several different video advertising platforms and have discovered some really exciting stuff! We are going to show you how video ads are now generating restaurants bars and breweries hundreds of new customers per DAY! We'll show you everything we've learned.


Messenger Marketing

Heard of Messenger bots or Messenger marketing? It's literally the new wave of online marketing and it's the boat that you should jump on RIGHT NOW while it's HOT. We've been doing a lot of testing and getting amazing results and we want to share all we've learned with you.


Marketing Automation

One of the main things you need to learn to build and grow your business is automation. You NEED to learn how to build an automated marketing machine that works for you 24/7, a machine that is converting interested parties into customers for you completely hands free. This is the ultimate goal and we’re going to show you how we do it!

Meet a Few Of The speakers

Jonathan Munsell

MC & Keynote Speaker

First up , yours truly! First and foremost I'm a father of two amazing boys, Maximus & Wyatt and live in Cary, North Carolina.

I'm passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds improve their business and their life. My fundamental teachings center around hard core systems, operations and marketing with the real goal of helping them understand they need to work on their business and less in it.

I have used these tactics to build several multi million dollar companies including an international franchise with 300 locations around the world that I currently own in a addition to Success Systems the parent company of Restaurant Success System and this Super Summit.

Unfortunately, that level of experience doesn't mean I can fix all your problems; ask me how to get your hair silky soft and I might let you down- I still don't know the difference between shampoo and body wash. 

However… There are certain things that I’ve learned, perfected and have become pretty dang good at! I will be walking you through the exact methods and strategies I teach and that the most successful restaurants, bars and breweries are using. I will be focusing showing you how to target our ideal customers, to get them to become loyal customers, get them to come more often and get them to spend more.

I’m excited to teach you everything I’ve learned and also update you on the ‘what’s working right now’ for 2023 and what I see for the future!

Jimmy Bornamann

Jimmy is a dedicated family man. He has three amazing children and an even more amazing wife! Jimmy is a a recovering restaurant owner. For many years he owned and operated his own multi-unit group of english pubs.

Jimmy is a coach and consultant and is looked at as one of the most respected and successful internet marketers in the industry today.

His training products and websites have already helped thousands of people create and grow their business. He specializes in automation, building systems and harnessing the power of digital marketing.

His membership is one of the highest rated services and overwhelmingly loved products online – for people looking to get started in internet marketing and who need a helping hand.  

Jimmy also is the co-hosts of the popular podcast "The Jimmy & Jonny Show", which showcases many of today’s business leaders sharing their struggles as well as their successes, in both business and in life.

Jay Henderson

Jay Henderson, the founder of Hiring ROI, has a passion for coaching his clients on leadership, management, sales development and hiring high performers, based on the Hiring MRI.

Jay helps business owners hire superstars, develop top teams and make more money.

I have been in the room countless times to hear Jay speak and he is truly a Master.

He is going to blow everyone's mind when he discusses how hiring today really works and what you can do to find truly outstanding employees in a sea of chaos.

His Main Topic

How to avoid the 7 hiring mistakes that can easily allow the wrong people in your business.

Teddy Garcia

Teddy Garcia, Founder of Cybermedia Marketing &

Teddy is a true Internet Marketing Master and has been building websites and helping small business owners generate more business online since 1996.

He manages huge online marketing campaigns with 900 moving ports at any one given time for some of the world's top internet marketing "gurus".

His specialty is helping business owners bridge the gap between their marketing goals and the technical challenges they face when implementing them.

The former owner of a local offline business (a bicycle store), Teddy understands the challenges faced by using traditional media dating back to things like the yellow pages and newspapers. But he knows what makes it all work and how to drive people into your business.

He will be be showing you an easier, quicker, more effective, and more accountable way to achieve amazing results using online media.

More Speakers Being Announced Soon...

Event Location:

Check Specific City Page for Details


If, in the first 3 hours, what I share with you is not worth 10 times the value you pay or you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake and that you don’t belong here or you are otherwise disappointed, you need only say so to receive a FULL 100% fee REFUND,

PLUS up to $50 toward your documented travel.

I know things can happen so I have it set up so you can even

get 100% refund on Cancellations 12+ Days before the SUMMIT.

Why would I make a guarantee like this?

Simple – You are going to love it and secretly you will think that I don’t even charge enough. Just so you know I want you to feel that way!

You have nothing to lose!

Even More Reasons to Attend


Where you can meet the vendors and experts that I and many Restaurant Success System Members rely on, find solutions to your particular needs, the right people to help you get things done, and new opportunities and money-making tools you never knew existed!


A golden opportunity to pose your questions and get answers just as if you had unfettered access to Jonathan and his panel of experts for private consulting.

Outrageous Bonuses!

In addition to this Packed Two Day Super Summit, Every Participant receives, included as part of their registration, a Success Tool Kit Valued at easily over $600!!!!!!!

Event Swag Bag

Get ready to be pampered with this assortment of thoughtfully chosen items that will enhance your event experience. The swag bag is a token of our appreciation for your participation and your role in making this event unforgettable.

  • Custom Event Keepsakes

  • Tantalizing Treats

  • Informative Event Material

  • Exclusive Merchandise

  • Practical Accessories

  • Special Discounts and Offers

  • Surprises Await!

Goal Setting Workshop

Everyone that registers for the two days will also get my Goal Setting Workshop, where we will actually work together and develop your Personal & Business Goals- 

“You will have written goals and a plan for how to achieve them. This special bonus is where we will do a complete implementation session so you can plan what actions you want to take from all of the great new ideas you obtain from the Summit.”

Session Workbooks

Workbooks for ALL 7 Sessions with Secrets Revealed for every single session.

Advanced Marketing Planning

An hour-long focus on your marketing with creative direct marketing ideas and tools to implement it fast and easy. Includes: Monthly planner update sent to you, 60 Minute open coaching call, we share specific ideas, promotions, ad copy, calendars, planning tools and tracking tools.

"We are going to get you ahead and keep you ahead of your marketing planning”

...the bonuses alone are worth coming to this AMAZING EVENT!

I'm Ready... I NEED To Be At This Event! 

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Check Out What People Have To Say...

“We have seen $8,000 to $10,000 in additional revenue each month. I foresee even more growth in the coming months.”

Jonathan's coaching has helped in business and personally. We have learned how to market to existing customers, and how to attract and keep new guests. People are talking about us again and I feel like we will double our sales within one year using these methods.

Will Frost

Red River Steakhouses

Mclean, TX

Pete Siviglia

Rutherfordton, NC

191 Prime

Mounir Saleh

Morrisville, NC

Neomonde Mediterranean Bakery Cafes

Greg Lewis

Cary, NC

Catering by Design

Sam Castillo

Waco, TX

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurants

Steve Vagasky

Raleigh, NC

My Chef Catering

Here's What Some Of Our Past Attendees Had to Say...

"It would be silly to not come back!"

"Everything you need to know."

"They share the secrets on how to crack the code."

"Quite different from a lot of the events i've been to before."

"Completely moved!"

"I think it was a no brainer (to attend)."

"He breaks it down and doesn't over complicate it."

"You should be here or you should have been here already."


"I can only thank Jon!"

"I think you can call me a true fan!"

"I walked away knowing how to get on the first page of Google."

"Exceptional, great content, actionable!"

"What the industry needs!"

"Don't miss Frontline Marketer Live 2018"

"The way he teaches ... I get amazing value from it"

"Come to Jon's event, all will be revealed..."


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Here's What Some Of Our Past Attendees Had to Say...

"It would be silly to not come back!"

"Everything you need to know."

"They share the secrets on how to crack the code."

"Quite different from a lot of the events i've been to before."

"Completely moved!"

"I think it was a no brainer (to attend)."

"He breaks it down and doesn't over complicate it."

"Come to Jon's event, all will be revealed..."


"I can only thank Jon!"

"I think you can call me a true fan!"

"I walked away knowing how to get on the first page of Google."

"Exceptional, great content, actionable!"

"What the industry needs!"

"Don't miss Frontline Marketer Live 2018"